Bakersfield Area Events

Bakersfield hosts horse shows all year round ranging from local, 4h, and breed shows.

Every Spring, Bakersfield hosts one of California’s Scottish Games and Clan Gatherings.

In the late summer, the local St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church hosts an annual Greek Festival.

Memorial Day weekend is host to the Kern County Basque Festival, sponsored by the Kern County Basque Club. This 3 day festival features food, music, dance, and handball games.

In March, Auto Club Famoso Raceway holds the annual March Meet nostalgia drag racing event. The event dates back to the U.S. Fuel and Gas Finals held in March 1959.

Twice a year, the CSUB Indigenous Native American Club hosts a Native Gathering on the California State University Bakersfield campus at Runner Park.

In the fall, Bakersfield hosts the annual Kern County Fair, which showcases much of the area’s agriculture as well as putting on entertaining concerts and hosting a small carnival.

Late model stock car races are a regular feature at Kern County Raceway or take in a game with our local Baseball Team, The Bakersfield Blaze. There are also lots of events for Street Rod and Hot Rod fans. Check out the NSRA and the NHRA web sites.

Previously every year and now every five years, Bakersfield hosts a political conference known as the Bakersfield Business Conference. Since 1985 this conference has grown in attendance and as of 2007 the attendance numbered over 9,000. The Conference has had several notable political speakers to include Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, George Bush, Margaret Thatcher, Neil Armstrong, Norman Schwarzkopf, Colin Powell, Mike Wallace, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Rush Limbaugh and Paul Harvey.

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